The living is easy

After a loooong day at the beach I returned home cursing the bloody sea and its rocks that can't be seen!
The 4th toe of my left foot had the bad luck to ''meet'' one of those rocks..and...now it has become...a huge red toe that makes my walking funny if not painful!

Anyway..so while walking on the beach trying unsuccessfully to tan easily, I was thinking about the next weekend when I'm finally flying to Crete for a dreamy trip and the last things I need (okay..want) to buy to have there. When I reached a conclusion I realized that I ''needed'' at least 30 or more things I had not ever thought about in the past.

Apparently I didn't need those things.
I returned home.
I made a list..
One with 8 things I had to have with me there..
and another one with 8 things I had to leave here in Thessaloniki.
So here are the two lists:

  • your sweetest smile
  • your boyfriend, dog or best friend
  • your iPod
  • the 212 Sexy by Carolina Herrera (a really sensual fragrance with tones of bergamot, tangerine and musk that will seduce anyone)
  • the Estee Lauder body tint and body oil by Tom Ford that give a really summer finish to your skin while taking care of it.
  • your K. Jacques flat sandals
  • the ''surf spray'' by Bumble & Bumble that promises to make your hair totally beautiful and summerish
  • your endless imagination that had been hiding during the winter


  • the stress and your bad mood
  • your work
  • your cell phone
  • the heavy parfumes
  • your whims
  • all the hair styling tools
  • your high-heels
  • your black clothes (we can make and exception for only one)

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