Is really pain linked to summer?

And here I am writing from Crete.
You may think I am a pessimistic person from this post but I really can’t deny it.
I had been dreaming about this week for months and now that this time has come, I can’t say I’m thrilled. I know that plans never happen and especially for me! I must be something like a cursed person that fails whenever plans something good and craves for it.

It’s not actually a big deal; I just had the bad luck not to update my sunscreen..And now here it is! A pretty bad sunburn all over my face and chest.

Take it as an advice and always use sunscreen!

Let’s see the first sunscreen I recommend which is the Up & Up Sport Sunscreen Continuous Spray SPF 30 that is really sweatproof and waterproof and really easy to apply. As about the Vichy Capital Soleil SPF50+ Hydra-Milk Body that is the best for fair and very sensitive skin, I can say that really protects my body and prevents sun-spots and premature skin ageing.

Nivea Sun Sunscreen Lotion is quite good too. It may be a little bit thick but it is absorbed quickly and lasts for ever!  Coppertone Sport Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 30 is a waterproof sunscreen with no scent that stays on for a bit. It’s cheaper than many others that promise the same things but I would not really buy it again. It may be good sometimes, but doesn’t work so good in a pretty hot and humid environment. The last one is PIZ BUIN In Sun Moisturizing Sun Lotion SPF30. Its quickly-absorbed formula with Vitamin E, protect the skin form peeling while moisturizing it. Actually is really good as it leaves the pores able to breath and smells summer!

*Take care of yourself and learn from your mistakes.
Your life would be nothing without bad and good experiences that will help     you move on, to the next level.
It’s not about the damn sunburn. It’s about my life.

Take care! 

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  1. Yes! One must take care of their skin to insure that they don't fry right up! Good post to remind people (:

    The Internet Garbage

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  3. Great review! :)
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  6. oh a sunburn can be bad and annoying!! and it doesn't look nice at all!
    prospaho na vazo panta antiliako prin vgo ston ilio kai kata ti diarkia tis meras kai i still get a lovely tan!
    thank you for the reviews !! maresei poly i nivea genikos!

  7. i burn soo easily.. so i always have to lather on like spf 80 :/


  8. You're so right


  9. Hi girl! You're doing a great job at your new blog, keep it up!


  10. I get quick sunburn. Like this review.


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